Pets 2 Vets

About Us

Our pet transport services have evolved as a direct result of our successful search and rescue organisation, Southdowns SAR 4 lost dogs ltd. In the process of locating lost dogs and our involvement with local vets, some were asking if we provided a pet transport business as well. The vets mentioned to us that they have clients who struggle to get their pet into the surgery or to other locations and our new service is going to be a game changer for these vet practices.


And so,


Southdowns Pet Ambulance ltd T/A Pets 2 Vets was born.


The new ambulance is not just for transport to the vets, it is also available for any pet transport such as to groomers, kennels, picking up rescue dogs and many other reasons why you would choose us to transport your pet.


Pets 2 Vets is not a free service, but we have offered our services to the emergency services in cases where an animal has been in an accident. So if you have been involved in an accident and your pet is on board, ask the police to contact us so we can prioritise and get to your pet as quickly as possible.


All our staff have completed and passed the Pet First Aid certificate to ensure if your pet required any urgent medical treatment on the way to the vet there will be a trained nurse on board to ensure your pet is receiving a 5 star service from us.


We can provide transport to any location in the UK .