Pets 2 Vets

            Welcome to Pets 2 Vets

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At present we are in the middle of building our new website, so this site is just to provide basic information on the services we provide:


Transport to Vet

Transport to and from your vets.  Plus one of our animal first aiders can be onboard the ambulance to provide any medical actions if required.


Vet Care

Our ambulances hold first aid equipment such as oxygen, hot and cold water, bandages etc.



Our staff are all trained with pet first aid from Brinsbury College in Sussex.


Fully Insured

Our ambulances are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance, this covers your pet during pet transportation.


Other services

Our ambulances are not just for transport to the vet, but we can also transport your pet for various reasons such as:

  • Kennels
  • Dog shows
  • Rehoming
  • Moving home
  • Cremation